Eat by Chloe, Covent Garden

A few months ago, by Chloe opened up in the UK… for those of you that don’t know it, by Chloe is a vegan “fast food” joint that has popped up all over the US. When I saw that they were opening a store in Covent Garden, I was pretty excited…

So were a lot of other people… I waited in line for more than five minutes… checking out the surroundings and the Grab + Go section (that has salads, juices, and other beverages.

The seating area is also quite cool, and well-decorated… doesn’t it make you want to sit and spend some time here?

And the cash registers… four total, with a place to pick up your meal on the left. Like at Shake Shack, you get a beeper that lets you know when your meal is ready to pick up…

So what I liked was that every employee I saw in the store was a woman… both up at the counter, but also in the kitchen. I’m not sure if this was intentional or just by chance?

Here I am with my takeaway bag… made with eco-friendly ingredients.

Then, back at my desk, I got to check the food out… I went for the Guac Burger (a sweet potato, quinoa and black bean burger served with a corn salsa, guacamole, tortilla strips, onions, and topped with a chipotle sauce, served on a whole grain bun).

And it was pretty delicious. The patty itself was very tasty, with a good amount of flavour and spice, not tasting like meat, but like the best veggie burger patty I’ve ever had (and I’ve actually had quite a few!)

The corn gave it crunch, the guacamole gave it creaminess, and the lettuce and tomato gave it the normalcy of a typical burger… all encased in a really nice, firm but soft bun… impressive!

The sweet potato air-baked fries were also very good… I ate the entire box!

So, my overall thoughts? This is a new, exciting place to visit in the neighbourhood, especially as I’d like to try their vegan macaroni and cheese with shitake bacon, along with some of their tasty-sounding salads.

At the same time, I was stuffed after eating the burger and fries, in a way that I’m not typically, even after having eaten a bigger meal. Maybe it was the extra-fluffy bread? It wasn’t the protein, as there wasn’t too much of it in the patty (or elsewhere…) so who knows!

One of the things I always wonder about with vegan food is how healthy it really is. Everyone goes on and on about the lack of meat, and I agree that it’s healthier to mainly be eating plants… but when you think of the cashew cream and all the other very fatty foods you end up substituting for things like milk or meat, you can end up eating many more calories… and even if they are healthier, it can make a difference over time.

I had checked out the calories for this food, out of interest, on the website, and no information is listed… other than a note saying that the focus is that “By eating carbs from veggies, healthy fats, and plant-based proteins you will stay full longer, maintain your blood sugar levels, and experience increased energy” – I agree with that, but it still doesn’t give us much information. They suggest that you go talk to one of the employees in-store about it. And that’s what I’ll do next time!