The Nest Cafe, Ripley, Surrey

On a Saturday drive down into Surrey, we stopped in Riley, a cute town near Cobham, for a quite bite before heading into the Surrey Downs.

We had driven by the Nest Cafe before, but today, at 3pm, it was bustling with people!

We grabbed some food as we hadn’t eaten yet, and the tartines on the menu looked the best at the time. We went for an avocado toast… a generous portion with a side salad… which tasted like… avocado toast.

We also got one of the marinated mackerels on toast, which was very nice… slightly over-marinated, if you ask me, but there was enough bread to counteract the strong fish.. this was a delicious tartine!

Then, resisting all the delicious cakes and pastries that were sitting out, we hopped back into the car and┬ádrove off into the woods! Gotta love the small roads of the English countryside – with the late-fall sunlight at the end fo the afternoon, it was beautiful!