Hippie Fish, Mykonos

Back to one our favourite low-key places for lunch in Mykonos, and half of the restaurant had been rented out for a party!! Oh well…

But we got a table anyway and went for a light lunch… starting with the Mykonian salad, this version with lettuce, local cured ham, tomatoes, efta, and dried figs. Perfectly sweet with the figs and savoury with the ham…

Then, the sea urchin… Andre thought that it had a slightly weird taste, so I happily gobbled the whole thing up 🙂

And the roast octopus… slightly dried out, but good… sprinkled with thyme, it had a pretty good flavour.

Overall? Good to be back at Hippie Fish!

We went back another night for dinner, and I got my favourite pasta dish, the pappardelle with cream cognac sauce and king crab legs… this is the most decadent dish on the menu, and delicious!


Sol y Mar, Mykonos

Back in Mykonos for a few days, we decided to hit up a few of our favourite beaches and restaurants! Sol y Mar is really one of the best for food… so we went all out with a lunch feast!

We started with some fresh sea urchin….

And the Mykonian salad, which was topped with a huge piece of grilled haloumi and some samphire.

And the roast octopus leg… Andre was annoyed as it was definitely frozen octopus. When we asked the waiter about this, he said that they had always served frozen octopus there.. hm…

I still liked the crunchiness that cooking it on the grill made

Some mussels (yes, this was truly a feast…) served with fennel and feta

And the piece de resistance… the picanho steak that you cook yourself on the hot stone.

This was very fun to do, and you were able to cook the steak exactly as much (or little) as you wanted. They served it with regular salt, lemon salt and mustard that you could add to season the meat – delicious!

Here we are, surrounded by food… but what a meal!

Spilia, Mykonos, Greece

That night, we run into one of Andre’s best friends from middle school (who now lives in Dubai) and agree to get together for lunch next day. Spilia seems to be the restaurant that everyone is trying out this year, so we meet there.

Spilia is a small restaurant built into a cave, with views of the sparkling bay below. And the food? We were pretty impressed (to the point that we came back the next night for dinner).

We started with the sea urchin… look at how many we had… and all that coral. Served with a small spoon, we were able to scoop these out easily.


And then came the pasta… lobster pasta, which was enough for three of us to wolf down… it was nicely cooked in some tomato sauce and lobster broth… and delicious. We definitely came back and ordered this for dinner the next night.


After a bite of chocolate cake, it was time to walk down the cliff onto the beach and go for a swim…