Mesnerst├╝ble Cafe-Restaurant, Schwartenberg, Austria

As a birthday weekend surprise, Andre took me to the Austrian Alps for a weekend of hiking and culinary stops along the way… unfortunately, it chucked down rain the entire time, so it was too dangerous to do the culinary hikes.

So, we took the advice of the hotel owner and headed to Schwartenberg, where she promised a good time as the Austrain cowboys brought the cows down from the mountains for the winter. And it was a fun time, watching the cowboys in their short leiderhosen and hats, herding the cows.

Here is Andre making friends… One of the cooler things about the architecture in this area is the tiles on the houses… they are small, scalloped tiles instead of square ones… what a cool pattern!

And our dessert at the local cafe, a berry tarte that was delicious. For lunch itself, we shared a large mixed salad, then had a Weiner schnitzel (when in Rome!) and a creamy stew of local wild mushrooms with dumplings as main dishes. Both were very good!

A very cosy cafe for a rainy Saturday afternoon… it seemed like the whole town was there, either eating, having some of their fancy, cream-topped coffees, desserts, or large glasses of beer!