Sants Train Station, Barcelona, Spain

After a few days in Barcelona for a conference (stuck in a hotel all day for meetings… a very nice hotel, but still a hotel), I headed to the train station to take a train to Marseille. Andre was doing the Half Ironman in Aix that weekend, so I was going to meet him there.

After three days of meetings, I was pooped and sick of eating hotel food… not a single croquette or any other Spanish food in sight! So at the train station, I found a good cantine/restaurant where I could pick and choose what I wanted.

I went for a mix; a tuna salad, which is one of those Spanish salads filled with all sorts of delicious veggies… it really hit the spot, and then the fideos paella to boot, my favourite kind of paella that is made with vermicelli noodles instead of rice.

The fideos were also delicious… and for some reason, they gave me a huge dollop of aioli, which I didn’t touch (I mean, does that look necessary to you?)

But I was pleasantly surprised with all of the different choices we had, from about five different hot meals to all sorts of salads to desserts. Not a bad selection, should you find yourself coming through!