Power bowl lunch!

Clean eating at its best… quinoa, roasted sweet potato, avocado, roasted green peppers, kale, and chicken, topped with spring onions… I guess, to be trendy, I should put it in a bowl and call it a buddha bowl, but whatever… here’s to a healthy lunch!



Cool River Cafe, Dallas Love Field Airport, Texas

After some good meetings in Dallas, I was heading back to New York and found myself in the airport for lunch (by the way, I didn’t know that this airport existed – and it’s so much closer than Dallas Fort-Worth airport – brilliant!) There were a few options, but the Cool River Cafe looked the best.

All of the main dishes on the menu looked quite heavy, ribs, steaks, all larger dishes. So I stuck with two appetizers. I started with the Three Forks salad, served with blue cheese, green apples, and pecans with a maple vinaigrette. I probably ate half of the blue cheese, but it was a great combo.


Then, I went for the crab cakes, served with a cocktail sauce and remoulade. They were covered in the remoulade. After scraping them off, I was able to enjoy the crab cakes… while I miss the Old Bay seasoning that they tend to put on them in the South, these ones were otherwise good…. though used more brown that white meat (less chunks, more bits). But mixed in with some cocktail sauce, the smallest bit of the remoulade, and some of those red and green pepper bits you can see on the borders of the plate, they were a very good addition to the salad. And off I went, back to New York!


St James Cafe, Mayfair

I met my friend Rebecca for a quick lunch this week – we work on opposite sides of Pall Mall, so the St James Cafe is a good middle point for us. They have a good variety of salads, pastas, and jacket potatoes, along with delicious-looking main dishes (the chicken Milanese looked especially good!)

I got the roasted vegetables with mozarella small salad (it came with roasted peppers and courgettes, delicious and not too heavy as it was a small portion)

IMG_8559and the tomato soup. The soup was a bit sweet and tomato-saucey tasting, more than an actual tomato soup. But it filled me up and warmed me up, job done!


This is a great place for a quick, cheap meal around the corner – with a very efficient and friendly staff!

Mixt Greens, San Francisco

Last day in San Francisco and I happened upon a great salad bar, Mixt Greens. The line was long but the ingredients and salad combos they suggested looked great. Check out the long list on the wall…

photo 1

Standing in line, I happened to look back – and saw my friend Trudy was a few people behind me… how funny! I love running into people in cities where I hardly know anyone. This has been a good trip that way, remember when I ran into Bill?

photo 2I got the Park salad, which had mixed greens, roasted chicken, baby potatoes (all of which I picked out!), roasted brussel sprouts, toasted pumpkin seeds, and shaved parmesan with a grain mustard vinaigrette. Doesn’t that sound like a great fall salad?? The only problem was that it was HUGE, I didn’t really need the full portion. I got through about two-thirds of it then called it quits.

Salade Composee

Trying to be healthy after my glutunous weekend in San Sebastian, I’ve been sticking to salads… Today, i stopped by Tesco looking for a protein, and chose the mixed seafood… I have no idea why. You get prawns, calamari and mussels. And you know what? They were really good. I was a bit squeamish about eating the mussels that had been sitting there in the pack all day, but they were very flavourful and briny – the calamari was tender – and the prawns were perfectly cooked. I have to say, I’m impressed, Tesco!


photo 1(3)

Rhubarb, City Airport, London

After 24 hours of being back in London, off I am again… this time, heading to Ibiza with friends for the weekend. I met my friend Alicia at the airport and we got a quick bite to eat before taking off…

I took her advice and ordered the quinoa salad – without the chicken on top, which she had advised. Apparently it’s a bit chewy. The salad by itself was delicious, the goat cheese made a real difference, it was very creamy and was a nice complement to the crunchy vegetables – the pomegranate seeds were also a tart, sweet addition.photo 1

We watched the huge thunderstorm outside the window and hoped our flight would still be on time (it was). A very civilized and healthy way to start the weekend!