Archibald Microbrewery, Montreal Airport, Montreal

And finally, before getting on my flight, I began to get hungry again… and tired. I figured, if I ate before my flight, I could get a few hours on rest before landing. The meal service is slow enough these days that it tends to be one or the other, either food or sleep!

I went to Archibald’s, which I had noticed the last time I was at Montreal airport, it looked cosy and almost like an alpine ski restaurant, with its black and red checkered blankets. Very chic.

I grabbed a delicious glass of wine, recommended by the waiter… wish I had taken the name down!

And then ordered some food. Everything seemed a bit heavy, so finally I at least went for something simple, if not exactly light… the steak with roasted vegetables. The steak was juicy and flavourful (and cooked perfectly to my medium rare request). This was the perfect way to wind down before my flight (and sleep, I did!)