Beach Bar, Grande Pevero Beach, Sardegna

The next day was beach day… we headed down to Grande Pevero to sit out on the loungers. At lunchtime, we went to the only cafe on the beach, which looked like a little shack… so we were pretty happy with the food selection there!I went for the mixed seafood pasta… with mussels, clams, calamari rings and prawns. It looks simple on that paper plate, but let me tell you, the tomato sauce had so much depth to it… it was really delicious, especially on perfectly al dente spaghetti. The seafood it self was fine.  Alicia had the same, hold the clams, and Sara went for just mussels.  And some proscuitto, melon and mozzarella for Giuliana.  The rest of us had the tomatoes and mozzarella on the side.. . All in all, nothing exciting (except for that subtle, deep-tasting tomato sauce, yum!) but perfect for a beach lunch!Then went back to the beach for the loveliest dip in the water… As it was shallow, there was no threat of an after-meal cramp!