Bluebelles, Golbourne Road

So if you keep walking north on Portobello Road, you eventually leave Notting Hill and make it up to Ladbroke Grove, which includes the very cute area of Golbourne Road, which has a mix of local Portuguese and Moroccan restaurants and vintage clothing shops, along with some trendier delis and curated lifestyle stores.

Bluebelles is one of the later, sitting on Portobello Road, and has a super cute brunch menu, along with about ten side dishes that help you to mix and match your meal to perfection!

We were lucky enough to snag a table outside ( we thought), until they kept adding tables every time someone else showed up… turns out they are quite lax on Sundays and can spread out when the bike shop next door is closed!

First came the coffees… Andre is not very impressed with his Americano, which has little bits floating in it…

But the food was much better… he got the Original Stack, which was like a full English on a stick: sausage, egg, portobello mushroom and crispy bacon, all on a rosti. It was actually pretty delicious.

I was also thrilled, I got the green breakfast, which was two poached eggs, guacamole (looks surprisingly white but tasted like any other guac), mixed leaves, and feta, all topping a slice of sourdough bread.

The food is MUCH better than that first coffee, to the point that we were going to order much more of it… so this will be a repeat brunch place, especially knowing that we will probably be able to get a table outside on a nice day!


Eggbreak, Notting Hill

Andre’s living in a new hood, so we’re checking out the local restaurants there…

Eggbreak is located just south of Notting Hill Gate, and looks tiny and cosy as we walk by during the week… walking inside, there are a few tables, and they’re all full, so it looks like we’ll be waiting a while… but then the waiter takes us downstairs, which has at least another ten tables… perfect!

Eggbreak is a mostly egg-based menu, but also has a few other breakfast dishes, a fried chicken sandwich, burger, a few other main courses, and some sides. It’s open from breakfast everyday except for Mondays.

I obviously went for eggs… I went for corn cakes, topped with poached eggs and spinach, drizzled (ok, doused) in a Siracha hollandaise sauce. Yum. And they were delicious… the corn cakes were really good and slightly crunchy, and the hint of spice in the hollandaise was great. These were delicious and worth ordering again for sure!


Andre went the sweet route, going for the crunchy French toast stuffed with banana and blueberries, topped with cinnamon and brown butter maple syrup. He said that he could have eaten another serving…


…. with a nice Cappucino on the side, it was a perfect brunch. Given that it’s a three minute walk away and has a large menu, we’ll be back soon!