Bakewell Tart Shop, Bakewell, Peak District

On our way out of the Peak District, we decided to pick up some lunch to have in the car… and stopped by the town of Bakewell, best known for its famous Bakewell tarts! And stopped in the Bakewell Tart Shop to pick some things up!

Here I am with the famous tarts… as soon as I saw them, I remembered that I had, in fact, tasted them before, and that they really weren’t my thing!

But no worries, we went for the savoury tarts instead! We shared a broccoli and Stilton cheese mini tart (that tasted like pure cream!)

Oh yeah…

and a pork pie.  This thing was a “mini” pork pie, but check out how big it was… with lots of cooked pork inside. Good, but so. Much. Pork.