Archibald Microbrewery, Montreal Airport, Montreal

And finally, before getting on my flight, I began to get hungry again… and tired. I figured, if I ate before my flight, I could get a few hours on rest before landing. The meal service is slow enough these days that it tends to be one or the other, either food or sleep!

I went to Archibald’s, which I had noticed the last time I was at Montreal airport, it looked cosy and almost like an alpine ski restaurant, with its black and red checkered blankets. Very chic.

I grabbed a delicious glass of wine, recommended by the waiter… wish I had taken the name down!

And then ordered some food. Everything seemed a bit heavy, so finally I at least went for something simple, if not exactly light… the steak with roasted vegetables. The steak was juicy and flavourful (and cooked perfectly to my medium rare request). This was the perfect way to wind down before my flight (and sleep, I did!)


Sushi Shop, Montreal Airport, Montreal

My next stop after Toronto was Montreal, which I made it to at 3pm, a good six hours ahead of my 9pm flight. Great. And I couldn’t check in for another few hours, so what did I do? Eat again!

This time, I grabbed a sushi roll, called the Smoky. It was: smoked salmon, avocado, tempura, orange masago, spicy light mayo, spicy sauce, and sesame. And quite good. This kept me going for a while, and I figured I was done until the flight…

The Lounge, Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto

So try to leave town, I did, but they didn’t make it easy for me. I was supposed to be on a 3pm flight to Montreal, which was cancelled. Then, a 9pm flight, which was also cancelled (at 1am, after three hours delayed in the terminal and after we had been sitting on board for an hour after that, since the flight crew had now gone past their hours working deadline.) Right.

So I tried again the next morning, after a lovely four hours’ sleep at the Ramada Inn Newark, this time, going first to Toronto to then make it to Montreal, for my flight leaving back for London that night. So fun.

So my first stop was Bill Bishop Airport in Toronto. I had no idea that there are two airports there, but I will never use another one than Billy Bishop again, it’s small, veyr well organised, and right next to downtown. Check it out, see how close we are, about to land:

At this point, I wasn’t especially hungry, so opted for a mini salad in the lounge. Oh, that’s right, everyone sits in the waiting lounge and has access to free coffee and cookies – then, you can buy all sorts of healthy snacks, salads, wraps and other bites. Genius.

This was my chickpea and kale salad, which also had red peppers, tomatoes, courgette and pineapple, and was a very nice appetite whetter.

Blue Smoke, Financial District, New York

Lunch with a client downtown on a rainy Monday… I met him at Blue Smoke for a quick bite before heading out of town.

Given the weather and the chill in the air, I went a bit heavier than I would have typically… and got their lunch special, in which you choose a kind of meat (brisket, spare ribs, baby back ribs, or pulled pork), your side, and get a biscuit, coleslaw, pickles and jalapeno on the side.

I went for the pulled pork, which was a LARGE serving, and it was delicious. I managed to eat about 75% of it, along with my (small but more than enough) side of macaroni and cheese. And the coleslaw. And the biscuit. I didn’t touch the rest (ha…) but looking back now, think it would have all made a really good sandwich in said biscuit.. hm. Time to go back!

Momofuku, Toronto, Canada

A quick day trip to Toronto from New York… I had a meeting on the 70th floor of the tallest building in Toronto… check out the views!

As the weather was slightly chilly, I felt like having soup for lunch… and came across a branch of Momofuku, David Chang’s famous Korean/Japanese restaurant chain, along the way… and popped on in.

And I have to say, business is GOOD. It was a Friday afternoon and the three-story restaurant was absolutely packed! I got a seat at the bar, so got to watch the guys working in the kitchen…

and all of the delicious ingredients they were adding to the rice bowls and noodle soups!

I went for their (most popular, which made me feel pretty boring) pork tonkatsu ramen, served with big, juicy slices of pork belly and some brisket as well… slices of fish ball, a poached egg (on the right), some seaweed, and a spicy sauce…

I was worried that, as the bowl was not mostly full, I would still be hungry afterwards…  but resisted ordering something on the side.. and you know what? I’m glad I waited, because this was more than enough to eat! Springy noodles, flavoured broth and big, thick pieces of pork… Yum!

Harlem Food Bar, Harlem, NY

A Sunday afternoon, we cycled up Central Park and intro Harlem, looking for a delicious brunch! Everything was booked (especially Melba’s, oops!) so we ended up across the street at a place called the Harlem Food Bar.

The menu is your typical weekend brunch menu, with eggs and sandwiches. I eventually went for the turkey burger… I wanted some kind of meat but wasn’t feeling a regular burger.

Honestly? It was the juciest turkey burger I’ve ever had (I didn’t realise that they can be juicy, just overcooked or undercooked!) Yum. The fries on the side were good, not amazing.

Andre had their omelette with sauteed onions and mushrooms… his potatoes looked really nice, as they had four different kinds of potatoes roasted on the plate… but you know what? They really didn’t have much taste. Disappointing!

Then we went Halloween mark shopping…

The Islander bar, Miami-Dade International Airport, Miami, Florida

Then, from Palm Beach, it was down to Miami… and to a huge thunderstorm! It was biblical for a few hours, and then I finally ventured out to meet a friend…

At least the sunrise the next day made up for it…

And after my meetings, I rushed to the airport to catch  a flight back to New York, grabbing some quick lunch at the Islander, which was right across from my gate.

And, as I hadn’t had them yet, I went for the fish tacos, in this case, big chunks of fish with crunchy cabbage and just a light sauce, which I obviously topped with tons of guacamole and salsa (and a smidge of sour cream!) I was surprised at the quality of the fish, as you never know what you’re going to get in the airport… and happy with lunch overall!