Foley’s, Fitzrovia

Meeting my friend Michelle for dinner one night, we tried out Foley’s, which has great reviews and a cosy atmosphere… walking up to the restaurant, I loved that there is an oped window at the front with a little bar attached…  what a cool idea! Check out that mint, it would make a killer mojito…

But I ended up going for a chili margarita, Spicy Tommy’s Margarita, delicious! It was perfectly smoky and spicy without being too much.

Then, we started ordering food – the menu all looks delicious, and many of the dishes are quite substantive, but the one plate that Michelle insisted on getting was the cauliflower, which is char-grilled and served with tzaziki, a coriander chutney, grated tomato, and smoked peanuts. (See the middle dish)

We also ordered the aubergine (on the right) served with pomegranate, chili-lime yogurt, date molasses, feta and puffed quinoa.This was good, but not as amazing as it sounded… the aubergine was slightly overcooked which took away from the taste…

And finally, the Korean fried chicken on the left, this was very juicy with a nice crust and topped with sesame seeds and scallions… served with a Korean dipping sauce. Good, but this was a small plate, I would have ordered twice this much!


Hot Wok Kitchen, Holloway Road, London

A Friday when I was out and about, I stopped by a local place that I had been eyeing on Holloway Road after a meeting.

Hot Wok is always filled with people, and I do love my Asian food, so I decided today was a good day to try it out! The menu contains a mixed of Asian foods, all kinds of noodles from pad thai to stir-fried noodles, Chinese noodle soups and pho to laksa, and other stir-fried dishes.

As it was cold out and I was craving a heavier soup, I went for the Singapore laksa with tofu. It was darker and less creamy (ie, less coconut milk) than your typical laksa, with lots of spring onion, sprouts and tofu. The only thing I found weird was the noodles, they had put both vermicelli (which I love) and egg noodles (which I don’t so much) in the soup – I’m not sure if that’s their typical thing or if they had just run out of one kind of noodle… but it wasn’t great.

But, the soup was good and everyone else looked like they were enjoying their food too… so I’ll be back to try some other dishes soon!

The Wondertree, Gatwick Airport

A Friday afternoon as I was heading to Lisbon, I waited until I got to the airport to grab some lunch. The North Terminal has SO many better options than the South one, it’s crazy…

After wandering a bit and checking out different menus, I opted for the Wondertree. The place is decorated whimsically… but it somehow comes off similar to the airport restaurants in the Cancun airport…

For whatever reason, I was in a veggie mood, so went for a veggie burger and small Caesar salad. The burger was really good, a mix of spiced yellow peas and shredded veggies, served with arugula, hummus, tomato relish, slaw, and relish. It was a very good veggie burger!

With this, a small Caesar salad, with kale, avocado, gem lettuce, and Brazil nuts, in a smoky Caesar dressing. This was also delicious.

So? I will definitely be back here, the menu is varied and looks good… and I was able to have a really good meal!

El Al and the White Villa, Tel Aviv, Israel

Back to my trip to Tel Aviv, quickly… the flight over actually had quite good food… I took El Al and was not especially excited by the packaging and set-up of the dishes…  I mean, see below… lots of plastic and not great plating… but you know, the food was delicious. I had originally ordered the fish dish, which they ran out of by they got to my row, so I could choose between the chicken curry or the veggie mezze… and the flight attendant strongly suggested I go for the mezze, so I did.

And they were really good, different peppers, vine leaves and cabbage, all stuffed. Served on a bed of tomato roughly chopped base and slightly herbed and spiced, these were really good! A small jar of harissa and another of tahini acted as good dipping sauces on the side.

The next morning, at my hotel, the White Villas, I was treated to a delicious breakfast… labneh, fruit, a salad,a mni gazpacho soup with small mozarella balls in it, and lots of bread served with olive oil, nutella, and jam. YUM.

Then, it turns out that there is also hot food included in breakfast… the first day, I had to try it, as all the hot options sounded so good… I wanted to get the shakshuka (we are in Israel after all), but the lady suggested that I wait…

In her words, if this is your first shakshuka in Israel, don’t eat this one, as it’s kind of fancy… go into a hole-in-the-wall, shitty place and order one there first, an authentic one! Haha, I appreciated the honesty.

Instead, I got the two fried eggs served on a bed of sauteed greens and onions, and oh wow, was it delicious. Topped with some cheese (kind of like a fontina, but with more salt in it, and lots of black ground pepper.

I was disappointed that this dish wasn’t bigger, as it was SO good. The greens were varied and really fresh, so had a nice taste, especially with the sweet red onion. And the cheese melted over the eggs… yum.

Bread & Bean, Holloway Road, London

A Thursday morning, I have a meeting up in north London and decide to garb some breakfast before heading to my next meeting (it’s one of those days when I’m running around and might not make it to the office!)

I’ve walked past the a few times, and it looks super cute, on a road filled mostly with kebab shops and corner stores. I went inside and took a look at the very long breakfast menu… nice! You order at the till, then they come to your table with the food when it’s ready.

I went for the vegetarian breakfast, which had tons of different bits and pieces on the dish… baked beans (I have to start asking them to keep these off… I never eat them so it’s a waste, plus they end up bleeding into everything else on the plate!) … along with a cooked tomato, cooked sweet potato, roasted red pepper and aubergine, some polenta (yup, those are nicely flavoured blocks of polenta) and a fried egg, all washed down with a delicious piece of toasted sour dough (smothered in salted butter)… mm.

As I hadn’t finished my cappuccino before heading out, they gave me a takeaway cup to finish it… how cute is this?!

The Lounge, Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto

So try to leave town, I did, but they didn’t make it easy for me. I was supposed to be on a 3pm flight to Montreal, which was cancelled. Then, a 9pm flight, which was also cancelled (at 1am, after three hours delayed in the terminal and after we had been sitting on board for an hour after that, since the flight crew had now gone past their hours working deadline.) Right.

So I tried again the next morning, after a lovely four hours’ sleep at the Ramada Inn Newark, this time, going first to Toronto to then make it to Montreal, for my flight leaving back for London that night. So fun.

So my first stop was Bill Bishop Airport in Toronto. I had no idea that there are two airports there, but I will never use another one than Billy Bishop again, it’s small, veyr well organised, and right next to downtown. Check it out, see how close we are, about to land:

At this point, I wasn’t especially hungry, so opted for a mini salad in the lounge. Oh, that’s right, everyone sits in the waiting lounge and has access to free coffee and cookies – then, you can buy all sorts of healthy snacks, salads, wraps and other bites. Genius.

This was my chickpea and kale salad, which also had red peppers, tomatoes, courgette and pineapple, and was a very nice appetite whetter.

Harlem Food Bar, Harlem, NY

A Sunday afternoon, we cycled up Central Park and intro Harlem, looking for a delicious brunch! Everything was booked (especially Melba’s, oops!) so we ended up across the street at a place called the Harlem Food Bar.

The menu is your typical weekend brunch menu, with eggs and sandwiches. I eventually went for the turkey burger… I wanted some kind of meat but wasn’t feeling a regular burger.

Honestly? It was the juciest turkey burger I’ve ever had (I didn’t realise that they can be juicy, just overcooked or undercooked!) Yum. The fries on the side were good, not amazing.

Andre had their omelette with sauteed onions and mushrooms… his potatoes looked really nice, as they had four different kinds of potatoes roasted on the plate… but you know what? They really didn’t have much taste. Disappointing!

Then we went Halloween mark shopping…