British Airways – New Club World food

I’d read that British Airways was cutting costs on most things (you now get a food bar instead of a second meal at the end of a long-haul flight, and have to pay for food in economy on short-haul flights) but was upgrading their service in Club World, so I was excited to check this out…

There is now a larger tray, with a bread/butter/olive oil side dish…

And now, instead of choosing your appetiser from the menu, they bring a trolley around and you can check what it actually looks like before partaking…

I went for the mozzarella with tomato carpaccio, which was drizzled with olive oil and balsamic dressing in front of me. I have to say, the piece of mozzarella was huge, but delicious.

Then, I went for the artichoke ravioli, which was served with roast artichokes, roast cherry tomatoes, and a sage and butter sauce. It was nothing to write home about, but decent…

So? The atmosphere was slightly nicer, with the meal taking a bit longer to serve, but feeling much more civilised (and closer to the First Class meal than before). I’ll be back for more!


The Third Space gym, Soho

Wanting a healthy lunch for my desk on a day that I was going to spend the whole day stuck in the office, I picked up something on my way in that morning.

The Third Space gym has a cafe where you can pick up a number of different meals (this one is the chicken souvlaki), as well as veggie and protein snacks (including a small pot filled with strips of steak and nothing else, for a quick protein boost!)

The chicken souvlaki was good, the veggies had a nice mix of tastes, especially with the feta and olives. The chicken itself had a really nice spice rub on it, there wasn’t a huge serving of chicken but it tasted really nice… a bit spicy, so the tzaziki sauce provided on the side was a nice touch as well! There are a number of other lunch options, either labelled “lean,” “performance,” “muscle gain,” or “vegan,” which gives you a good choice depending on your mood and needs!

Machi-ya, St James

Another local restaurant that opened up a few months ago, this one touting itself as a Japanese comfort food restaurant. I’d take it!

The place is small and cosy, so you instantly feel at home. I went on my own, as I just wanted to get out of the office and no one was around to join…

I started off with the chicken balls or tsukune, the minced chicken skewers served with a soy/egg yolk mix to dip them in, and a shimichi pepper spice on the side, should I want them to be spicy. They were squidy feeling in my mouth and tasted okay, but to be honest, I think that the best thing about them was the extras, ie, the egg yolk, soy, and spice.


But with this, I ordered one of the specials, the sea bass which was served with a  miso jalapeno sauce, and this was MUCH better. First of all, it was a very generous serving of fish for ┬ú9, and the fish was cooked perfectly. The miso jalapeno sauce gave it a nice extra kick, as did some of the grilled lime juice that I squeezed on it, but even on its own, the fish would have been quite nice.


Shared with a market salad (and a sesame dressing), this was a perfect lunch, cosy and good. The specials board had a number of different other specials, including other types of grilled fish and roast pumpkin – you can bet that I’ll be back for those!


Constanzer Wirthaus, Constance, Germany

After our very rainy day in the Austrian Alps, we decided to spend the next day on Lake Constance, as the weather looked like it would be much better there… and it was!

On our way, we drove through Switzerland, through beautiful, rolling fields and charming Swiss houses. On the way, we found a pumpkin sale on the side of the road…


As we drove in Konstanz, we wanted to find a restaurant overlooking the river to have lunch… and the Warthaus, which claimed to be a large beer hall/ restaurant, was such a restaurant, with good reviews to boot!

So we parked ourselves and got a table outside….

We started with a mixed salad. I love mixed salads in Switzerland and Austria, with all sorts of different veggies mixed in and a creamy dressing… It turns out they’re exactly the same in Germany ­čÖé


Andre went for the weiner schnitzel, served with potato salad… and once again, it was spot on.


I went a bit more exotic and went for the ox-tail with onions and peppers in a tangy sauce and herbed butter… with roasted potatoes in a delicious crust. How was it? Okay. The best part was the deliciously roast potatoes, that tasted as they had been roasted several times.. crunchy on the outside and really soft inside… topped with that herb butter… mmm. The rest of the dish was fine.


Then, we napped by the lake as our feathered friends walked by…



What a beautiful day on the lake, after much chillier weather in Austria earlier in the weekend!

Mesnerst├╝ble Cafe-Restaurant, Schwartenberg, Austria

As a birthday weekend surprise, Andre took me to the Austrian Alps for a weekend of hiking and culinary stops along the way… unfortunately, it chucked down rain the entire time, so it was too dangerous to do the culinary hikes.

So, we took the advice of the hotel owner and headed to Schwartenberg, where she promised a good time as the Austrain cowboys brought the cows down from the mountains for the winter. And it was a fun time, watching the cowboys in their short leiderhosen and hats, herding the cows.

Here is Andre making friends… One of the cooler things about the architecture in this area is the tiles on the houses… they are small, scalloped tiles instead of square ones… what a cool pattern!

And our dessert at the local cafe, a berry tarte that was delicious. For lunch itself, we shared a large mixed salad, then had a Weiner schnitzel (when in Rome!) and a creamy stew of local wild mushrooms with dumplings as main dishes. Both were very good!

A very cosy cafe for a rainy Saturday afternoon… it seemed like the whole town was there, either eating, having some of their fancy, cream-topped coffees, desserts, or large glasses of beer!

Bistro Rosa, St Helier, Jersey

A day in Jersey for work… what a beautiful island! As you are landing, you see large patches of different green, and lots of swimming pools next to large houses!

Then, into town for the meetings, I had some time in between and headed to the fish market for lunch (we’re on an island, after all…)

Bistro Rosa was the first place on the left when you walk into the market, and looked the best of all the choices.

The atmosphere is low-key, the kitchen is visible, and the waiter speaks perfect French… what else could you ask for?!

I had a salad to start, as the seafood lunches seemed pretty substantial…

And then the half lobster with scallops in butter and garlic… YUM. I also got a medley of steamed cauliflower and broccoli on the side… this was the perfect meal, especially as I got to use the fresh bread to sop up the butter and garlic in the plate once I was done!

Would I come back? Definitely. There was a great-looking lunch prix fixe and many other fish and seafood dishes that I would love to try!

Rifugio Blitz, Craveggia, Piemonte, Italy

A weekend in the Italian mountains, visiting some old friends in the most BEAUTIFUL setting. 45 minutes from Lake Maggiore, we are in for a treat! After a day on the lake on Saturday, we took it easy on Sunday, and had lunch at a local mountain restaurant.

We started off with the local charcuterie, which included salamis, coppa, prosciutto, and lardo… my favourite! Alongside this, some grilled aubergine (that didn’t have tons of taste) and a very nice bowl of white beans with celery which was pretty good.


Then, as a main, we ordered one of each of the meats on the menu and a side of polenta for everyone. Check out that polenta, it looks like huge scoops of ice cream!


And the meats… ┬áThere was a sliced pork in a brown sauce, a minced veal ragu, a veal in a citrusy, orange sauce (this was my favourite, and the┬áone at the bottom of the picture, served with the slice of orange), and a beef dish, with a heavier red sauce. All good with the polenta, but the only standout was the veal with orange!

For dessert, fresh blueberries with whipped cream and an espresso. Apart from being the only vegetables or fruit I’d had all weekend (!!) this was the perfect end to the meal!

After this, a hike up to the top of the mountain to see the other side, along with grasshopper catching along the way… what a gorgeous afternoon!