Elia, Tinos, Greece

After a great few days in Mykonos, after family and friends had departed, we newly weds headed to Tinos, a neighbouring island, for a few days of R&R. Very different from Mykonos, Tinos is quiet with fewer restaurants, bars and even hotels… and much more open space. We spent the few days swimming in the sea, napping, eating and hiking.

Our first lunch, we headed near the hotel (a 30 mins walk) to Elia, a restaurant that is near the water but back a bit from the beach.

It’s a lunch place that has a pool, but it doesn’t look like anyone uses it, as there are no beach chairs or parasols anywhere…

We ordered a feast… first of all, a chicken salad, which had quinoa, corn, tomatoes, and lettuce in it… in a nice, creamy sauce. This alone could have made for a complete meal, but we were ordering with our stomachs…

Next came the fava bean puree, a favourite of mine. Topped with caramelised onions that broke up the creamy taste of the puree, this was as good as expected… but a much larger serving than expected!

Then, the feta wrapped in filo dough and drizzled with sesame seeds and honey. This sounded a lot better on the menu than it tasted. The feta wasn’t esepcially salty and the honey wasn’t especially sweet or tasteful… so the whole thing tasted kind of…blah.

And the zucchini fritters, which we wanted to try after having had the ones at Hippie Fish and loved them! These were okay, compared to at Hippie Fish, also served with tzaziki on the side… but my guess is, they had no feta mixed into the fritters themselves (maybe this is what really made the taste for the ones at Hippie Fish), and the zucchini and egg mixture on its own wasn’t especially seasoned, so we were left with a veggie eggy mix that was just… okay.

Overall, it was a lot of food, but none of it was great. We still made a pretty good dent in each dish, though, as we sat and tried to plan our route home along the coast.

Right as we were paying the bill, the waitress came out with something much better… their chocolate cake (and for free!) This was as chocolately, moist and decadent as it looks… a total winner! I would come back just for the cake!


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