Hippie Fish, Mykonos

Back to Mykonos and back to Hippie Fish for a meal – they were still closed when we came by in May, so this is the first time this season, and they’ve switched up their menu somewhat.

Luckily, they still have their king crab papardelle (whew!) but also new dishes… The seafront view hasn’t changed, though 🙂

The first and best new dish is the griled octopus. Last year, they would cut up the leg into small rounds that were grilled… and just okay. This year, they’ve kept the legs intact and let it caramelise on the grill… the flesh still has a little bite to it, and tastes really sweet…

I liked it so much that over the course of the week that we were in Mykonos, I ordered this octopus leg every single time that we had lunch at Hippie Fish (which was at least three). Once, I just had the octopus for lunch.

Then, the seabass ceviche, served with sweet potato. The seabass itself was nice, but I found that the rest was a bit too much… too much sweet potato puree, which didn’t work well with the ceviche liquid, it all mixed together into a mush… too many onions sprinkled on top, that hadn’t been treated (usually, they’ll soak them in water for a bit to take the initial bite out)… so overall, it was just ok.

Then, the zucchini dumplings fritters, which were new to the menu and a real winner. A mix of grater zucchini, feta and egg mixture, they were generous with the fresh zucchini, so this was basically all you can taste, with a bit of creamy feta binding it together. Served with a tzaziki dip, this was a light, lovely dish.

And the spinach salad, served with tomatoes, soft cheese and local, cured ham. I thought that the soft cheese would be the kind that is typically crumbled over the top of a Mykonian salad, but it turns out that it was slices of cheese that didn’t have much taste. The ham was also “fine,” though Andre spent the meal trying to decide if it was really ham, or maybe some kind of fish carpaccio? (not a great sign). This salad was just fine with its balsamic vinaigrette, but I wouldn’t order it again, given all of the other options on the menu.

And there we are! After a long lunch and snooze on the couch, we sat and watched the sun set for our first night in Mykonos and what was going to be the best week of our lives!


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