Pulcino, Zurich

A work trip to Zurich overnight, I had a hectic first day and had to grab lunch at the train station as I was boarding a train… and this is what I found… weiner stuffed into a baguette with mustard and ketchup… eh. It did the job, and the sausage wasn’t bad!

Then, at the end of the day, as the weather was really touch and go (and still pretty chilly!), I decided to head to a restaurant locally, in the Old Town where I was staying.

I found Pulcino, an Italian place, that had a good menu and was PACKED at 7pm on a Monday… so I decided it would be a good option! I started with a market salad, which was perfect… it wasn’t of the Swiss variety that I love so much, with all sorts of bits and pieces on top of greens with a creamy dressing, but it was a nice mix of ingredients, and contrary to the picture, did not have too much dressing.

Then, I kind went crazy. One of the options on the specials menu was casarecce pasta with chicken, mushrooms, and grape tomatoes in a light cream sauce. Usually, the idea of chicken and pasta to me is really weird… I’ve always thought of it as a US dish, and the kind that you find in Cheesecake Factory-type places… but for whatever reason, it was what I was craving tonight…

And it really hit the spot. As it wasn’t a huge serving, the cream and cheese didn’t overwhelm… and actually, the chicken and mushrooms went really nicely with the al dente pasta. I may be a chicken and pasta convert!


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