Nom Nom, W Hotel, Montreal

A trip to Canada for work and I get into Montreal pretty late the Sunday night. Luckily, I arrived just before the hotel restaurant closed… I rushed to the bar and ordered just before last call.

Nom Nom just recently opened in the W Hotel and has a cool vibe… and a pan-Asian menu, with little twists.

I started off with the onion soup dumplings, which were dumplings served in a broth (an onion soup, duh). I was expecting actual soup dumplings, with broth within the dumplings, but given the cold outside, a little soup was nice! The dumplings themselves were stuffed with something… turned out it was Brie cheese, which I didn’t realise, but it was actually quite nice, not too overpowering, just nice and gooey.

And then went for the tartare of the day, which came with grapefruit, green tea, and coconut milk. Today, it was sea bass. And sooooo good. This was quite a cool interpretation on a tartare, I loved the dusty, matte taste of the matcha against the citrusy grapefruit, the coconut milk tied it all together (I mean, who doesn’t love coconut milk?!) and the fish was neutral enough to take all of those flavours.

As it was late, this is all I ordered, as I didn’t want to go to bed on a full stomach, but I can’t wait until my next trip to Montreal, to try some of the other dishes on the menu!


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