Artic Cafe, Val d’Isere, France

A three day weekend and we’re off to ski, this time in Val d’Isere! As luck would have it, someone picked up my suitcase at the airport, so I was without clothes the first day and didn’t get to ski… but the weather was pretty crappy, so it doesn’t sound like I missed much!

Andre decided to brave the elements anyway, but met me down in town for a quick lunch at the Artic Cafe. This is a new joint that has sprung up since last year, a mix of cafe and healthy food (think avocado toast and smoothies). They have two locations, one right next to the slopes and one on the main street in town.

We each went for the protein punch bowls, which were basically a big salad overfilled with protein!

In terms of protein, you had quinoa, pumpkin seeds, chicken and feta… accompanied by roasted red peppers, beets, and sweet potatoes, lettuce and a nice pesto sauce drizzled on top!

It was a HUGE amount of food, and I ended up leaving most of the cheese and some of the chicken, just as it really was a protein overload… but it was good value for the amount of food, and a nice combo of warm (roasted veg) and healthy that was perfect in the mountains!


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