Bread & Bean, Holloway Road, London

A Thursday morning, I have a meeting up in north London and decide to garb some breakfast before heading to my next meeting (it’s one of those days when I’m running around and might not make it to the office!)

I’ve walked past the a few times, and it looks super cute, on a road filled mostly with kebab shops and corner stores. I went inside and took a look at the very long breakfast menu… nice! You order at the till, then they come to your table with the food when it’s ready.

I went for the vegetarian breakfast, which had tons of different bits and pieces on the dish… baked beans (I have to start asking them to keep these off… I never eat them so it’s a waste, plus they end up bleeding into everything else on the plate!) … along with a cooked tomato, cooked sweet potato, roasted red pepper and aubergine, some polenta (yup, those are nicely flavoured blocks of polenta) and a fried egg, all washed down with a delicious piece of toasted sour dough (smothered in salted butter)… mm.

As I hadn’t finished my cappuccino before heading out, they gave me a takeaway cup to finish it… how cute is this?!


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