The Third Space gym, Soho

Wanting a healthy lunch for my desk on a day that I was going to spend the whole day stuck in the office, I picked up something on my way in that morning.

The Third Space gym has a cafe where you can pick up a number of different meals (this one is the chicken souvlaki), as well as veggie and protein snacks (including a small pot filled with strips of steak and nothing else, for a quick protein boost!)

The chicken souvlaki was good, the veggies had a nice mix of tastes, especially with the feta and olives. The chicken itself had a really nice spice rub on it, there wasn’t a huge serving of chicken but it tasted really nice… a bit spicy, so the tzaziki sauce provided on the side was a nice touch as well! There are a number of other lunch options, either labelled “lean,” “performance,” “muscle gain,” or “vegan,” which gives you a good choice depending on your mood and needs!


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