The Water’s Edge Bar & Kitchen, Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire

Saturday, we headed up to Nottinghamshire to buy an old car that Andre had bought – the weather was nice enough that we decided to stick around for a night and check out the Peak District the next day. But first, famished after our long trek up there, we headed to lunch with our new car… to Newark on Trent.

For you non-Americans, Newark, New Jersey is a large, industrial town and not very picturesque – people usually picture it with a layer of smog above. So we were a tiny bit sceptical when the guy we got the car from encouraged us to check out Newark… but we were pleasantly surprised! The town was quite charming, with a waterfront area that we soon found a restaurant on…

With a typical pub-food menu, we went for pretty different things… Andre went for the bacon cheeseburger and fries, while I went for the jerk chicken (apparently marinated for 24 hours) served with sweet potato fries and coconut rice.

Mine was really good, it came with two chicken legs, so I shared with Andre… but the marinade was really flavourful and the chicken itself was really tender… so I was happy! The sweet potato fries were fine too, but the coconut rice… was basically cooked rice, with some coconut milk sitting on the sides (not even mixed in). It was pretty uninspiring.

Andre’s burger was fine, but nothing special. He spent more time picking all the vegetables out of the Greek salad that I had ordered 🙂

The waterfront… as it was a nice day, everyone was out and about, either sitting at the pub or strolling down the banks of the Trent River.

Then off we went towards our B&B in Chesterfield, of course with the roof down…

Chesterfield is best known for its market days and for the crooked spire on Queen Mary’s Church… check it out, it dates from 1362!


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