Capriciossa, Oeiras, Portugal

A day trip from Lisbon and heading to the beach, we wanted to go to a local seafood restaurant, but learned that most of them were closed since it was Monday (and fresh fish doesn’t come in on Sundays, so you wouldn’t want to each fish on a Monday anyway!)

Instead, we were recommended Capriciossa, a pizza restaurant on the beach. And it was fine, a good place to come for a low-key meal if you have the time… the service was very slow (we probably waited over an hour for the pizzas to come) and they were just ok, but then, it was more about sitting out in the sun !

I got the sausage, mushroom and tomato version, whereas Andre got the cheese, ham and egg… both… fine. They did the job.

Then we had a bit of times on the dunes over next to Guincho beach.. check out the kite surfers and my hair in the wind!

We alos are both sporting some pretty cool outfits… namely my Portugal fleece, which I picked up when absolutely freezing on the scooter on the way to the beach…

And Andre’s very cool wool sweater, picked up in Sintra for the same reason. Why does he look so much more stylish that I do?!


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