Chuc’s, Notting Hill

Sunday morning brunch… I have mentioned Chuc’s in Mayfair, which is tiny and very old-world Italian feeling… they also opened a branch in Notting Hill, on Westbourne Grove.

This Chuc’s has a larger retail store (with £250 swimming shorts for men) and a restaurant downstairs, that has fewer than 10 tables inside, as well as a few outside, in their heavenly garden.

Since the weather has been so good, it’s been impossible to get a table there by just showing up, so as I wake up on Sunday morning, I book in advance so that we can get a table outside 🙂

It’s pretty quiet when we show up at noon (and gets busier around 1pm) and all feels very civilised… they bring us some radishes and salt to nibble on while we look through the menu.

The brunch menu is pretty simple, but they start serving lunch dishes (anything from sea bass to chicken paillard to pasta) quite early. So we went for a mix…

The cob salad, which is prepared in such a pretty way… The waitress suggested we try it with smoked salmon instead of chicken, and it was a great change to a classic!

Then, the steak tartare, which was served Italian-style, marinated in olive oil and maybe a bit of balsamic, it didn’t taste completely raw… but was good nonetheless.

And my omelette, with ham and gruyere… it doesn’t look like anything special, but it was light and fluffy, and crammed with lots of cheese and ham!

I forgot to take pictures of our salad and tomato sides… but they were equally as good! A light, fresh meal in the shade of the Chuc’s parasols, in their private garden… what a civilised way of staring the day!


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