Hai Cenato, Victoria

With all of these new restaurants opening up in Victoria, I’ve been trying to set up lunch meetings to try them all out! I met up with a potential investor who said he hadn’t tried Hai Cenato yet, so off we went!

The restaurant has mainly pizzas (divided between bianco ones with just cheese, and rosso ones that also have tomato sauce) but a few pastas, fish and meats, and lots of smaller plates.

We went for one course with sides. Claudio got a salad with apple, radicchio, hazelnut and leaves with a parmesan creme fraiche. It looked pretty good. I had a side of kale, which was doused in garlic and delicious.

And the pizzas… I went for a veggie pizza, which had trumpet mushrooms, caramelised onion, taleggio cheese, thyme and garlic. I am used to having toppings overloading my pizzas, so I was a bit disappointed by how empty-seeming my pizza was, but I definitely got a few flavours in every bite.

Claudio went for the pizza of the month, which had Coppa ham, ricotta, mozarella, black pepper, and an egg yolk.

The dough of the pizza was very good, I started off being good and not eating the crust, but had to start as it was so good and doughy..

So will I be back? Probably, but maybe I’ll try the pasta or one of the main courses instead next time!


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