The Greek Larder, King’s Cross

A sunny day that feels like the start to spring… after a very funny escape room scenario (where you have to figure out the clues to break out… we made it out with 32 seconds to spare!), we headed to King’s Cross to check out the restaurants there. There are several really good outposts of the Grain Store, Caravan, and Dishoom… but the ridiculous thing? None of their tables outside were available for lunch, only for drinks! WTF. So we walked on…

And found The Greek Larder nearby. And I’m so glad that we did. They have 4-5 tables outside and were happy to serve us food there… and some great food it was!


Andre had the sfougato of Lesvos, basically an omelette baked with courgette and lettuce, and a spring onion, watercress and galotiri (soft) cheese on top. It was interesting, the baked omelette was fluffier than a regular one and tasted a bit like a frittata, but eggier.


But it was really my dish that excelled… I had been a bit jealous when Andre ordered the sfogato and felt like I should branch out and try something else, but I definitely won for best meal. The below was a flat bread topped with elephant beans (kind of like cannellini beans but larger), graviera cheese gratted, slices of pastourma sausage, avocado, tomato sauce, tahini dressing, all topped with two fried eggs.  And it was so good. The beans in the sauce, standalone, would have made a great meal, so add in some sliced charcuterie, avocado and egg, and you’re onto a very decadent dish!


Being healthy, we had some greens on the side, horta, which apparently are dandelion greens… mixed with some other Italian greens and topped with feta and some dried herbs, this was also delicious. I’m pretty sure they were cooked with tons of garlic, and it made them really good.


The inside of the restaurant is quite interesting, it’s very long and thin, and goes back quite a way… the front almost looks like a diner, whereas the back sells all sorts of Greek products, making it feel more homey. And the dinner menu? Also very promising… I can’t wait to head back and have another meal here!


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