Les Mandarines, Megeve, France

The last ski weekend of the season, we headed to Megeve… where a few other friends were also spending the weekend! The snow wasn’t great, as the weather was warm, so we ended up skiing one day out of three!

That day, we found our way to Les Mandarines, and stopped for little lunch… and saw that everyone was wearing black cowboy hats. After ten minutes of sitting in the sun, we figured out why… it’s that warm out! … so we followed suit!

After several days of gluttony already behind us, we decided to go straight for main courses. I had a fantastic veal chop, perfectly cooked (still tender and almost pink inside, with a luscious layer of fat on the edge), a little salad, and some grain mustard.

Oh, and that in the corner? The puree. It was good, but a bit chunky, which meant that I didn’t inhale the whole thing… it was probably for the best, as I would have, had it been smoother and mixed with more cream.. haha.

Andre had a really nice-looking piece of beef, but as is typical when my food is so good, I didn’t even taste it.

After this, we stayed out on their terrace for another hour, snoozing in the sun. NO guilt, as the snow was so slushy, we enjoyed the sunny afternoon and finally skied down!


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