Gerard’s Corner, Chinatown, Soho

Midweek and I’m craving both soup, as it’s cold out, and something fatty, as it’s cold out. I pop out of the office on my own and head to Chinatown, dreaming of noodle soup.. and come across Gerard’s Corner, which I have walked by before, but never entered.

As it had one of the larger selections of noodle soups on its menu, in I went!

The restaurant itself is nondescript, with a bit of colour and with cheesy Chinese ballads blasting from the speakers.


So I ordered my noodle soup… with roast pork, which had the perfect fatty content for me! I really prefer this kind of pork to the slices that you find in ramen – they are typically much thinner and fattier, with almost no meat on them, whereas this pork is perfectly roast and BBQ’ed, has tons of flavour, and has a delicious, thick and juicy texture. Yum.

The noodles are good, as usual, and the greens… usually they toss a few stalks into your noodle soup, but here, there were several large, leafy stalks with leaves… making this a big percentage of the dish as well. It felt borderline healthy!


So at this point, I was thinking that I had found my new place… Delicious noodle soup, with a dim sum menu as well! I ordered the special seafood and crab steamed dumplings, and was very disappointed… I’m pretty sure the crab was surimi (identified by its squishy, square texture and bright pink bits), so it gave the overall dumpling the taste of a California roll inside… which was weird. I only had two of the dumplings, as really… they weren’t very good. Maybe stay away from the specials on the dim sum menu!


SoI’ll definitely be back, but probably stick to the regular menu (and noodle soups), as everything else that passed in front of me also looked delicious… I just managed to pick the wrong dim sum dish!


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