Townsman, Boston

A chilly Monday in Boston, and I’m lucky enough to meet up with a recent London to Boston transplant, an ex client who has recently become a client again. It’s been a good six months since I’ve seen Allen, so I’m looking forward to catching up again!

I’ve seen a few bits and pieces about Townsman, so I was excited to check it out… and it’s the perfect place for lunch!

We started with some of the crispy brussel sprouts, which were amazing, they had definitely been fried in oil and they were delicious. Flavourful and crispy… this was my favourite part of lunch!


Then, we shared six oysters – they gave us a mix of three, one kind which were called Ichabods, and the rest, which I couldn’t remember at all! They were all good, with a mix from milky to briny. The side sauces were a hot sauce, with some chives and grated horseradish, and a mignonette, which tasted like it had chunks of beet in it.


Then, our mains. Allen went for the fried chicken sandwich, which was stuffed with dill and green pickle, along with a Ranch dressing. He said that the chicken didn’t have tons of taste (hence his ordering additional Ranch dressing) but that the chicken was perfectly fried.

I had some of his home-made chips and can attest that they were delicious. The fries, he described as potato with paprika on it. Meh.


I got the chicken pot pie, which was mini, with good chunks of chicken, veggies, and a nice, crispy crust on top. Very good. The salad on the side, unfortunately, was over-salted to the point that I couldn’t force down more than a few bites. Shame.


So overall? Not great. Fine, with lots of interesting dishes, but with a few bits that weren’t seasoned enough or too much, it won’t be my top pick. There are enough other places on my list for Boston to try next!


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