Indian Accent, New York

Back in New York and finally made a reservation to try a restaurant that had opened in the last year to a lot of hype… but my friend Sapna had been and was not especially impressed, so I came here not expecting too much…

Craig is always up for trying new Indian places, and this one is right near his office, so we went for the lunch prix fixe menu.

Craig started with the sweet potato, served on kolrhabi and crispy okra. I tried a little bit, and it was delicious (the okra didn’t add tons, but even just the sweet potato cake on its own was really good).


I got the sweet pickle ribs, served with a marinade and onion seeds, and the pickled, sun-dried mango. The ribs were ridiculously tender, falling off the bone, and tasty, with a nice, tangy contrast of the pickled mango. Also delicious.


The main courses were… just okay. Actually, Craig liked his more than I liked mine. He got the saag paneer (spinach and cheese) with corn roti… basically, the paneer surrounded a turnip puree, with pieces of roti, in a sea of saag… yum.


And some black daal and naan on the side… The daal was good, but the best one I’ve had lately is from Dishoom in London, and it’s much creamier than this one was. This one also had a slightly tangy, vinegary taste to it that I didn’t love.


My main dish was the chicken kofta, served with spinach in a punjabi gravy (a light curry sauce, but not as thick as a typical one) – with an onion pakora (basically fried onion… in this case, an onion ring!) The inside of the chicken kofta was delicious, little pieces that were pretty flavourful, but the rest of the dish was… meh.


So, overall? I was expecting an experience like at Masala Library, but this was not as exciting, nor were the flavours as good.It was fine, but I’d just as well go to a traditional Indian restaurant in midtown as this place!


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