Black Roe, Mayfair

Out at lunch with a friend, Buck, we headed to Black Roe, as I’d been wanting to try it out for ages!

Black Roe is a Pacific Rim restaurant that specialises in poke, but also serves all sorts of delicious seafood dishes (and other).

The menu starts with a list of different poke bowls, then appetisers, and main dishes.

We went for the Black Roe poke, which contained both yellow tail tuna and regular tuna poke served with a warm, almost marinated rice, carrots and radish, jicama, and scallions… yum! It was Buck’s first poke and he was pretty impressed.

We also started with the scallops, grilled to perfection, topping a black quinoa and apparently mango salsa, though it tasted more like a  truffled mushroom puree to me underneath. But utterly delicious!


Then, the main courses. We started with grilled tiger prawns and monkfish in a citrus salsa… very good, but completely dwarfed in experience, size and taste by the


lobster macaroni and cheese. Holy crap, this was delicious. With the perfect amount of cream and a little bit of cheese, the macaroni was perfectly al dente and the pieces of lobster were big, springy and tasty. The. Best. Mac and cheese. Yum.

img_0177And some broccoli on the side, since we’re so healthy. This was slightly cooked with garlic, so had a little flavouring instead of being plain steam broccoli.


Overall, lunch was really good, with, funnily enough, the poke being the least exciting thing that we ate (while it was still good, it just didn’t pack as much punch as the other dishes).

So will I go back? Oh yeah. And I’ve already googled many iterations of lobster mac and cheese to make in the meantime…


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