Negishi Sushi, Zug, Switzerland

The next day, I was off to Zug for meetings, but had some down time before starting… so I went to a sushi place in the center of town.

I had never been to Zug before, and have to say, there are quite a few American accents knocking around, much more than I had heard in Zurich. Interesting.

The sushi place I went to had both a conveyor belt and sit-down service… after being asked, I made the choice to sit at the table and order my own sushi, but the sushi on the belt looked fresh, and there sure were a lot of options!


I ordered some sushi and dumplings… I ordered the rainbow roll with salmon (basically, salmon and avocado inside, and on top of the roll), which was fresh and good… two pieces of eel nigiri, and one spicy tuna gunkan. The spicy tuna was just ok, but the rest was pretty good…

img_9806And then the dumplings. Called mandu, these Korean dumplings were stuffed with veggies and tofu, and a nice change from your typical gyoza.


So how was lunch? Nothing was incredible, but everything was good. This seems like a good, basic place for a Japanese lunch in Zug!


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