L’Armailly, Tignes Les Brévières, France

The last day of ski… we skied over to Tignes and all the way down below 1500 metres, in search of a terrace in the sun!img_0019And we found it. Les Brévières is a small hamlet in Tignes with very charming wooden chalets and several restaurants.


We found the perfect table, overlooking the slopes and in the sun, and both went straight for some Savoyard specials for lunch… Andre got the tartiflette with a side of salad (for those of you that don’t know what a tartiflette is, its filled with onions, cream, bacon and potatoes, and topped in a melted Reblochon cheese). It was more than delicious.


But who chose even better? Me. I got the Assiette de l’Armailly, which includes a mini tartiflette, some very good local cured ham, a Beaufort cheese tarte (think quiche), a lightly toasted goat cheese tartine, and some salad. I got to taste ALL the cheese in little bits, and it was wonderful. And the local ham was cut into a thick piece, with a slight proscuitto taste, but so much better. Yum.


Lovely last lunch in the sun!


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