La Fruitiere, Val d’Isere

A second day of skiing and the temperatures were even warmer… so we decided to go for another terrace lunch! I had been to the Folie Douce, a legendary spot on the mountain for Val d’Isere apres-ski, over ten years ago, but had never tried the restaurant attached, the Fruitiere.

We sat down for lunch and right away, the menu looked delicious (it starts with a page of cheeses, a full page of cheeses)… so we went for starers as well.

Andre went for the fois gras to start, served with a wine-poached pear, spices and compote. I had a little taste and it was pretty good…


But I was feeling something more simple, so went for the leeks in vinaigrette. They were softly poached (as was the egg that they were served with) and dressed in a delicious vinaigrette, all of which I sopped up with a big piece of brioche.


Then I got the veal, osso-bucco style… this is what I got. It was okay… the meat was tender, but a bit stringy. The tomato sauce and tomato on top were good to dress the meat… But it was just fine. The winner was the side dish, a polenta loaded with delicious cheese…

img_0005Andre’s was much better, he ordered the stuffed suckling pig, which was incredible. Small pieces of pig were the bacon wrapping, cooked so tenderly with all kinds of herbs…. it was delicious. Served with some of the buttery-est cabbage that I’d ever had!


Check out the super cool sunglasses we got at gas station on the way to Val d’Isere…



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  1. La Fruitiere, Val d’Isere, France – alwaystimeforlunch

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