Crate Cafe, Canggu, Bali

Ah, the holidays… two weeks in Bali was heavenly!

The majority of the time, we stayed in Canggu, near Seminyak, and spent the days (trying to) surf, paddle boarding, biking, and sitting around reading…

The food at the place we were staying, the Chillhouse, was pretty delicious, but every now and then, it was nice to venture out and try some of the other cafes nearby. Canggue has a large Australian population, so many of these cafes came with very healthy food… your typical avocado toast joint.

Our favourite was a place called Crate Cafe, owned by an Australian lady, with a lot of concrete in the stark walls, and a boisterous, fun kitchen staff! This is also the only place in Canggu that now serves their water from glass bottles instead of plastic… doing their part to stop all of the trash that you find on the beaches and in the water!

The menu is quite comprehensive, with almost anything you might want, including delicious juices and coffees…


I went for the Peas Please everytime we went… poached eggs with spinach, peas, other sauteed greens and pesto on toast. It was so simple and amazing.

Andre tried a few different dishes, from the fruit and granola bowls to the Brekkie Plate that works like a healthier English breakfast…


Here he is finishing off my Peas Please… with the ends of an iced cappucino.

Since we can’t exactly go back all the time, I’ve taken a picture of the menu to recreate some of these dishes at home…


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