The Golden Dragon, Soho

Last Friday, the weather was crappy and I was feeling tired… so grabbed a friend and headed for Chinatown, it was a dim sum kind of day!

We started with the spicy cuttlefish (not at all spicy). They were cold (like, straight out of the fridge kind of cold) but otherwise very good.


photo 1(1)

Then came the glutinous rice with chicken


photo 4(1)

Then the prawn and chive dumplings. Pretty good. Over the past few years, these have slowly taken over my old favourites, the crystal prawn steamed dumplings (the har gau) as my new favourites.

photo 3(1)

And finally, the pumpkin cakes with prawn. This was a new addition, as we wanted to be a bit adventurous… and was kind of a flop. The pumpkin wasn’t flavoured at all (its not like the pumpkin croquettes that you get on Japanese menus) and neither was the prawn… To top it off, they were lukewarm. Not the best effort. I wouldn’t get these again.


photo 2(1)

But overall a good lunch, slowly taking us into the weekend…


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