Flora Indica, Chelsea

A new Indian place for dinner last night, with my bestie Sapna, who is in town for the long weekend! The restaurant has been in the process of opening for the past six months, and was finally open when we walked by! Flora Indica is an Indian tapas-style restaurant, with lots of fun little dishes.

We started with the chickpea croquettes… good with a dab of a tangy sauce underneath them.


Then we had the roasted paneer skewers… nice, but they basically tasted like… paneer. They were nothing special.


Then, the tikka-roasted salmon, which was very nice and tender, and seemed to have been marinated in something (maybe yogurt?) and spices. Yum. It had a nice, creamy and citrusy sauce served with it.


Then, the “main” dish of daal, which frankly looked like another appetiser… but so worth it, it was a very nice, creamy one. On the side, we ordered a smoked butter and black sesame naan, which had a very subtle smoky flavour… and was absolutely delicious… it worked perfectly to scoop the daal up, without overpowering the flavour.


Then, still a bit hungry, we ordered a last plate, of scallops. Why is it, when you order scallops, that you never get more than three? Even in a main course-sized dish? Well, anyway, this was a starter, so we got two, small scallops. They were nicely cooked and served with a salt-baked celeriac, a cauliflower puree, and a curry sauce… a nice mix, but there was nothing amazing about this dish.

So what did we think? Everything was good, but nothing (apart from the daal, which for me is always a lay-up) blew the lights out… that said, it is a good local place for some small bites in a nice atmosphere, when you want something more exciting than your regular small dishes… And next time, I’ll give a try to the cocktails, as the two pages they had seemed all very exciting!


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