Cafe de la Jatte, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

A Sunday after my cousin’s wedding, we drive back through Paris to catch our train, but have a few hours to burn… so we head to Neuilly, to Cafe de la Jatte which is huge with tons of light (and a great terrace in the summer).

We start with the apperitivi diah, which has cured meats, toasted vegetables, and a large dollop of mozzarella. We finiahed this in about five minutes…


Andre went for the osso bucco, which was so tasty (he shared some, along with some bone marrow on toast…), it came with a side of polenta that tasted amazing sprinkled with salt and pepper. I ate most of this for him 🙂


I went for the veal chop Milanese, which was perfectly cooked, if a tiny bit too fried for me… but the veal itself was perfectly cooked, not tough at all. It came with smashed potatoes and a nice salad… and a tomato sauce that was perfectly tangy with the fried, fatty veal chop. Yum.


Can’t wait to come back here in the summer when the roof is open!


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