Tei Tei Robata, Dallas

My second night in Dallas, I was feeling a bit more adventurous and craving sushi… so I headed to Tei Tei Robata, where I knew I could get some fresh fish but also maybe some grilled dishes. And wow, was I glad that I came here!

Takuya, the manager, took pity on me sitting by myself, and came over to chat… and was even more pleased when he learned that I had grown up in Tokyo! He kept checking in over the course of dinner, which made it much more enjoyable!

I started with some charred edamame, which you could dip in salt or chili flakes…


Then my pieces of sushi, I had the tai (sea bream) and unagi (eel) – the sea bream was good, but nothing amazing… but the unagi… wow. Quite thick pieces, with a really nice grilled taste and sauce… These were so worth it.


Then, the grilled enoki mushrooms, marinated in a grilling sauce before being charred over the grill… these had a delicious taste, with a slightly truffled (or blue cheese? don’t ask() taste to them. So tenderly cooked and good.


And then the yellowtail collar… I felt like I should get a proper robata-ed dish, and this is the one I went for… and it was so worth it, very tenderly cooked and so flavourful, both moist inside and with the charring on the outside.


And then, as I had a bit more room, I went for the beef tongue (it tasted much more normal and tender than I expected!) and hot stone. It sizzled on the stone, and tasted so good, either doused with lemon juice or with a little salt (I didn’t even bother with the soy sauce!) Heaven. A great finish to what was one of the best Japanese meals I’ve had, ever!



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