Taco Heads, Fort Worth, Texas

Off to Fort Worth for the afternoon, I find a quick place to have lunch on the way – after four days in Mexico, I’m still not sick of tacos, but also think it’ll be fun to head back to the American version (even if they just aren’t as good!).. but I figured that there would be different fillings which could make it fun…

Tacos Heads is located on a random street in Fort Worth, not really near the downtown, but you need to drive by stockyards to get there. Its also a 10 minute drive to TCU, where I was heading next.

I ordered two tacos to start, then a third afterwards…

I started with the charred avocado and roasted corn taco, which also had tons of mushrooms on top… It was delicious, as even the mushrooms were crunchy.

Next, the garlic cilantro shrimp taco, topped with purple cabbage, queso fresca, and lime. Also very good, but I think I would have preferred some kind of chipotle sauce on the shrimp (maybe that’s me being boring and sticking with what I know).


Finally, wanting a last taco, but seeing what they meant when they said that I should start with two (meanwhile, I was thinking, two? How about I start with four and see how it goes…) I went for a pork carnitas, also topped with slaw and queso… and it was pretty delicious. Not as amazing as the one we’d had in Mexico City at El Parnita, but still very good.


And the best? I got to sit outside, where they have both tables and a “bar” sitting area… I sat at the bar and looked out on the view, which wasn’t the greatest, but hey, it was still outdoor space!



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