Contramar, Condesa, Mexico City

This was the place. Amazing. We had walked by several times and seen that it was considered one of the best seafood places in Mexico City, so had to come the last day before our flights!

We sat down and they dressed the table right away with a relish (onions and chiles), limes, and an avocado green sauce, along with some pickled vegetables.


First up, we ordered the tuna toastadas, which we heard was a must-order. And wow. They were super fresh, delicious raw tuna with some chili, cabbage and avocado on the cripsy tostada (which didn’t become soggy from the tuna and lime juice). Wow.


And a simple tomato salad on the side… as we waited for the main course of fish!


Check that out! Half a parsley sauce and half a chili sauce, this fish was grilled to perfection and AMAZING. Super tender and flaky, we alternated between the two types of fish – served with small tortillas, the green avocado sauce, and a black bean sauce…


And then we were stuffed. But saw a piece of the fig pie go past, and decided to have it anyway, it was served on a bed of creme fraiche and a cheesecake-like crust… also very good.


What an excellent meal. One of the best we had in town… and so many things on the menu to come back and try, we’ll definitely be back the next time we’re in Mexico City!



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