El Parnita, Roma, Mexico City

One of the best recommendations that we got for Mexico City was El Pardita, a taco place that has been open for decades. We showed up about 15 minutes before it opened for lunch and were greeted by an older lady who took down our name.

Once the restaurant opened, she seated us and chatted with us (and is one of the only people we met that spoke English!)… and suggested a few dishes, including the ceviche.


As soon as we sat down, they brought a number of different salsas, limes, and delicious pieces of jicama, topped in a spicy sauce. These sticks were great to nibble on as we waited for our tacos to show up… and the red and green salsas were both very good…

But most importantly, see that black salsa on the right? Amazing. One of the best things I’ve had in ages. It’s a habanero salsa, but because they use olive oil, it has a different taste than most others… and a little bite every few minutes was just.. amazing. They actual sell the salsa in their shop next door, and you can bet I bought a pot to bring home!


So, first up, we had the carnitas taco, served with some pickled onion and avocado… this may have been the best taco of the bunch, as the meat was so tender and slightly fatty, full of flavour…


Then, I went for one of the beef tongue tacos, on the left, while Michelle had a soft-shelled crab one, on the right. Mine was also incredible, really savoury. Michelle’s was also good, but she mentioned wishing that the crab was either a bit smaller or chopped up a bit, as it was hard to fold into the taco and eat!


And at the lady’s suggestion, we got the mixed seafood ceviche, which was super spicy but really good… served with shrimp and a firm white fish, it was delicious, scooped up in black taco shells.


So? We would definitely come back. We tried maybe an eighth of the choices of tacos on the menu, and they were all good. But we feel like we hardly started! Next time we’re in Mexico City, we’ll come here for lunch for sure!


One thought on “El Parnita, Roma, Mexico City

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