Cafe Toscana, Roma Norte, Mexico City

A long weekend in Mexico City between meetings in New York and Texas… I had an afternoon to myself before my friend Michelle came and joined me.

I arrived for a late lunch and asked the hotel where to eat – and they suggested Cafe Toscana. It had a cute atmosphere, a mix of a fancy coffee shop with an all-day feel… with magazines and newspapers, and a mishmash of different tables and chairs.


I was hungry enough that I wanted more than just a salad, but wasn’t sure what… I finally settled for the chicken Milanese. And this is what I got…

My Milanese was smothered in cheese and tomato sauce… interesting… I had it anyway, and the meat itself was nicely and lightly breaded… it was just the amount of cheese that made it a bit much!


After this, I headed over to Chapultepec Park, which is apparently the largest park in the western hemisphere (pretty cool, no?) to check out the Modern Art Museum. As it was closed for an event, I walked around the park, looking at the different monuments…


Then climbed up to the castle, which is also the Historical Museum. I walked through it quite quickly… checking out the cool stained glass windows, the old castle furniture…


And then the views! With a 360 degree view of the city, I stayed up here for quite a while looking in all directions… it gave a great idea of the different neighbourhoods that are around, as well as showing how big the park really is!




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