The Caliente Cab Company, New York

Yes, we actually went here for a late lunch. Home of giant, frozen margaritas and guacamole… and you know what? It was pretty good! I hadn’t been here in ages, since I was living in the West Village during college, and needed a quick bite, but it certainly did the job!

So here’s the thing, there’s a brunch special, where you choose a main dish and get two free drinks for $12.99. Which is great, but we really couldn’t find anything that wasn’t overly cheesy or heavy. So we went back to the regular menu and chose from there…

First of all, some fresh guacamole… about as classic as you can get, and just as delicious!


Andre got the chicken taco salad… served with greens and topped with sour cream and different cheeses, all served in a crispy taco shell. It was fine.


I went for the two tacos, and ordered the veggie ones, which were filled with nice chunks of mushroom, onions, roast corn, and cotija cheese. They were light, and perfect. While they were small, two were enough after the guacamole.


But yes, you’re right, in the corner there is a margarita (on the rocks, not frozen!) and the end of Andre’s bloody mary (very spicy and super tasty!) … so we did still get some of the brunch menu, as we sat in the sun!


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