Santina, New York

A weekend in New York before I had a week of work… pretty jetlagged but a bit hungry, we made a quick stop at Santina, which I had heard tons about and wanted to try…

I had thought it was a Mexican restaurant, so we decided to go and try out their guacamole… turns out that it’s an Italian place!

We still went for something similar to guacamole… an avocado trapanese, which was mashed up avocado, tomatoes, and an almond pesto, which essentially tasted like a guacamole without the onions. But still good. On a chickpea dough pancake. Delicious.


But the best part of it was a tomato sofrito that they served on the side, and that I smothered all over the pancake… it was amazing. To the point that I will be shortly trying to replicate it at home!


After this, a triple espresso to keep awake… and on, to the Highline, for a walk up the west side!


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