Kanada-Ya, Soho

A chilly September day and all I wanted was soup… we saw that a new ramen shop had opened up on the other side of Haymarket Street, so we headed on over.

The restaurant itself is pretty small, and looks like a typical ramen joint in Tokyo, narrow with little tables. They claim to be specialists of tonkotsu ramen, the type with pork broth… so I ordered the original, which was served with a slice of seaweed, wood ear mushrooms, spring onions and some slices of pork belly.

So? It was good. The broth was nice (though not nicer than others I had had in London) and the rest of the accoutrements were delicious… but what I really loved was the noodles… they were skinnier than your typical ramen noodles, and cooked a bit more al dente… they were less buttery (which is too bad) but otherwise very good!



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