Laxeiro Tapas Bar, Bethnal Green

Sunday the 11th, it was my birthday, the sun was out and the sky was blue… What to do for the day? We headed out to east London and to the Columbia Road Flower Market, which is open on Sunday mornings.

As we wandered down the road, I picked up various different flowers to put together a birthday bouquet… along with a few other little plants as well!

By the time we got down the road, we were starting to feel a bit peckish, and as luck had it, we walked past Laxeiro just as people were getting up from a terrace table. Perfect!

The menu is filled with all sorts of yummy-sounding tapas, divided into meats, seafood and vegetables. We looked through all of these, then saw the paella… mmm…. perfect for a Sunday!

Meant to be shared by two people, it was probably more appropriate for three or four! But we made our best effort… the mussels were juicy, the chicken was moist, the chorizo… erm, chorizo’ed, and the squid was also perfectly cooked… delicious overall. Unable to finish the whole dish, we cut our losses and continued to wander our way over to Victoria Park and the canal for a walk!

img_6189And this? The night before, birthday dinner with friends at the Big Easy in Chelsea… some barbecue, some live music, and a smores birthday cake… what else could I want?!



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