La Trompette, Chiswick

A half day of work on a sunny Friday, I had taken the afternoon off and decided that a nice lunch on a terrace was in order! Having heard great things about La Trompette from a friend, I decided to book…

And they have the best lunch deal ever. Ever. I enjoyed myself enough over lunch that I forgot to take pictures, but check out the menu… three courses for £29.50. Incredible. And check out all of the choices for each course…


Andre had the raw tuna to start, which came in a small bowl, beautifully decorated with some bonito flakes, shrimp, pickled cucumber and English wasabi… and it looked like a floral arrangement in a bowl! I obviously tried some, and liked it more than my starter!

I ordered the hand-rolled linguine with Cornish sardines, samphire, lemon, chili and garlic. And it was okay, just not great. The linguine was delicious, and very delicate… but instead of sardines, all I could see was small, crumbled bits of something that looked charred mixed into the pasta… which gave the whole dish an earthy taste, but not a fishy one. I was a bit confused.

Then, I had the roast loin of cod, brandade, grilled octopus, padron peppers, and black olive. This was VERY good, if a little heavy (but, I guess the description sounds heavy, right, so I know what I was getting myself into?) There was a very generous portion of the cod, which covered the brandade (DELICIOUS), with smaller bits of the other pieces around… it tasted as good as it looked on the plate!

Andre had the raviolo of celeriac and girolle, cauliflower, marjoram and cobnuts. The one, large raviolo came topped with the cauliflower and cobnuts, and again, was beautiful, like a garden. I thought it was a bit bland, but Andre quite liked it.

Then… dessert. I went for the Corsican peach souffle (YES. Peach souffle. How could I not?!) and Andre got the bitter chocolate with peanuts, lime and caramel. Honestly? I didn’t even try his dessert, I was too busy scooping away at the amazing, delicate souffle… it was delicious. And a perfect end to the meal.


A little coffee and we were on our way, talking our time walking back to central London along the Thames Path.


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