Es Torrent, Ibiza

Our last day in Ibiza, we headed to a beach club that I had been dying to try out, Es Torrent. It’s based on a small bay and the majority of the tables have their feet in the sand… it’s very chilled out, and the food is amazing.

We made the big mistake (no one told us!) of not pre-ordering our food before we got there, so almost didn’t get a table or food… but they were able to find a few bits for us.. and I’m so glad that they were able to!

We started off with some of the biggest, juciest mussels that I’ve ever had… they were really fantastic..


And some very nicely charred padron peppers…


We also shared a mixed salad, which sounds quite simple, but check out the mix… everything from white asparagus, radishes, avocado and cucumbers to black olives, carrots, cabbage, leaves… and my favourite in these types of salads, cooked corn. The salad was as expected, nice and fresh.


In the corner, we watched the waiter serving the table next to us a paella, which is what Es Torrent is mainly known for… shame that we weren’t able to have one, as it looked amazing.. but hopefully next time!


But once he brought us our fish, a seabass and a John Dory, we couldn’t have cared less about the paella… Both perfectly cooked, in a mix of peppers, confit garlic and with some crispy potatoes on top, this was a winning dish…


I mean… look at that. How flaky and delicious… both pieces of fish… with the cooked vegetables and potatoes on the side, and that juice from the oven… It was to die for!



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