Hippie Fish, Mykonos, Greece

Another day on the beach, after a frustrating morning of attempting to kite surf with no wind, we decided to call it quits and head to lunch. Relaxing on sun beds, we were too lazy to get up and head to the restaurant… so we had lunch right there.

Hippie Fish is a hotel with a large restaurant and pool area, serving fresh fish, pastas, sushi, and delicious salads. We went for the sushi menu.. getting a mix of sashimi, nigiri, and rolls. The rolls were quite good, but they had this white sauce that looked like cream cheese… luckily it tasted better 🙂 In the end, they had a good bit of crunch mixed in with the fish and avocado. The best part of the dish, though, was the tuna sashimi, which was incredibly fresh and so buttery and tender… the quality was a bit unexpected, to be honest!


After lunch, we lounged and lounged, and decided it was time for a cocktail as the sun was setting… I went for an aperol spritz, and Andre got a concoction from the bartender… something with mezcal, passion fruit, and a smoky cinnamon stick… Nice as we watched the sun creep towards the horizon…



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