Kiki’s Tavern, Mykonos, Greece

A week in Mykonos at the end of July with Andre… we got into a nice routine pretty quickly – spinach and feta pie at the local bakery for breakfast,  on to the kite beach for a little kite surfing… then on to lunch. Mykonos has a real variety of places for lunch, from little tavernas tucked into the cliffside, to fancy restaurants rivaling Club 55 in Saint Tropez.

One of my favourites is a place called Kiki’s Tavern, which is one of those charming tavernas that doesn’t take reservations. Andre had been going on and on about their pork chop, so we decided to head on over…

As Kiki’s doesn’t take reservations, when you get there, you are told who you are in line behind, and then the wait begins. There are a few chairs outside the taverna, along with a jug of water and a jug of rose, so that people can stay hydrated as they wait. Down the hill, there is also a lovely little bay that you can walk down to and swim (as long as someone in your party waits up at the taverna).


Once we sat down, which was probably after an hour of waiting, we checked out the menu, which is simple and to the point… a number of salads to start, then lots of seafood and meat options on the mixed grill.

We each started with the beetroot salad, which had some walnuts and yogurt mixed in… Andre had th egrated carrots, and I went for the beans mixed with tomatoes, tuna and greens. All very fresh, with nice mixes of flavours.

.. and by the end of the salad, I was pretty stuffed… but this was where the really good food came in…


We watched the guy grilling the food in the large oven, and waited for ours to come out.


And when it did… wow. I had ordered the grilled calamari, and look how much came! It was an entire squid, both the legs and whole body… yum. It was basted in a sauce that it looked like they use on most of the grilled items… it was tasty, tender and not chewy at all… and there was so much of it. Heaven.


And Andre got his famous porkchop… I tasted a bite… Usually, pork chops are a bit dry and don’t have much taste… but this one? Wow. It was so. Damn. Good. The sauce had infused itself, the meat was tender and moist, and it was overall… absolutely delicious.


Both stuffed after cleaning our plates, we decided to go for a slice of chocolate cake anyway (it was so good!), then left the restaurant clutching our stomachs…


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